What Does Dispatched Mean In Shipping? Explained

What Does Dispatched Mean In Shipping

The term dispatched may seem quite to some online shoppers to fully understand what the term shipment dispatched means.

In a lay man’s man’s understanding, I will explain everything in detail and information about orders dispatched in online shopping.


The question we have here is;

What does dispatched mean in shipping?

In shipping, dispatched means moving a package or an order to a warehouse or a delivery service company.

The truth is different courier services has their meanings for the term shipment dispatched. They use the term for different stages in the processing and delivery of a product.

I will explain the shipping status dispatched based on the number of online shopping stores I’ve used so far, as it will be very helpful and will make you understand what dispatched mean in shipping.

Before that, let me first explain what the term dispatched means in English.

What Is The Meaning Of Dispatched?

In the English language, the term dispatched simply means to move or send an item to a particular location for a purpose, and it is used mainly in online shopping and shipping.

Aside from online shopping, dispatched is also used in the military. For example, you hear when they say these 102 battalion soldiers were dispatched to location A

What this means is that 102 battalion soldiers were sent or moved to location A. When they arrived, it will be said the 102 battalion soldiers that were dispatched to location A had finally arrived.

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This is the same with online shopping and shipping. Let’s proceed to shipment dispatched meaning.

What does dispatched mean in shipping?

Shipping status dispatched means the package, item, or order has been sent to a location where the package will be delivered or start its delivery stages.

I know why I said delivery stages because the term shipment dispatched in Aliexpress may be quite different from what Amazon is trying to notify you on.

If you have been shopping on aliexpress, you will see that order dispatched is the very first information you will see on your tracking information. It means the beginning of the journey of your item or package being delivered to your final location. 

Now let me explain them one after the other.

Shipment Dispatched Aliexpress And What It Means

In Aliexpress, shipment dispatched means that the item has been sent or moved to the sorting center, which is usually the warehouse.

shipment dispatched aliexpress

Aliexpress does use the term order dispatched when they are forwarding or sending an item to the sorting center for the processing of the delivery. 

Here, the sorting center is the warehouse, and processing the delivery of the item means sorting the item, packaging the item, label the item along with the invoice or the receipt. 

The next you will see is dispatched from the sorting center, and this means the item has left the sorting center to the next location or next stage, which is putting the item into the airline or means of transportation.

What follows next on Aliexpress will be departed country of origin.

You can learn more about the departed country of origin in online shopping and shipping.

In Aliexpress, you will see that the term shipment dispatched is used at the beginning of the delivery process or when the item is being moved to the warehouse or the sorting center. This is quite different from Amazon or eBay.

What Does Dispatched Mean In Shipping Amazon

In Amazon, order dispatched meaning is trying to notify a buyer that the package has been sent out to the delivery service or the postal service to deliver a package or an item.

Whenever you’re tracking your Amazon order, and you see the term dispatched, kindly note that the order has moved to the delivery service. The delivery service can be the likes of DHL, FedEx, EMS, Postal Service, or USPS for those in the United States.

On a few occasions, I made an order on eBay, and I saw dispatch out for delivery, and this is quite different meaning. I will explain that further in this article.

This is what the shipping status dispatched means, to send out an item or a package to a particular location which can be the airport, warehouse, delivery service company, or even the recipient’s house.

How Long After An Order Is Dispatched Does It Arrive

It can take up to two days, five days, or even up to weeks for an order dispatched to be delivered to the recipient.

what does dispatched mean in shipping

Some factors come into place when asking how long a shipment dispatched will take to arrive at its final destination or the recipient house, and they include the followings;

  • The recipient location
  • The shipping method used
  • The courier service or the logistics
  • The weather condition
  • The customs

If you made an order outside your country, what matters most is the distance, the shipping method or the courier service, and the custom.

All in all, I found out that customs can delay though it depends on one’s location, and the courier service or the shipping method used to play an important role in receiving your order or package in time without too much delay.

Related Questions

Taking a look at some of the related questions similar to the topic of what dispatched means in shipping.

What Is China Shipment Ready For Dispatch?

This means the item ordered or bought in China is ready to leave China for the buyer’s destination country.

Let me use the popular Alibaba online store where you buy in bulk. When you buy items from any of the stores, upon tracking your order, yo will see China shipment though it depends on the shipping method used.

After you have seen the term china shipment ready for dispatch, what follows next is departed country of origin or airline departure. And this is trying to tell you that your item, which was bought and shipped from China has left the country (China) to your destination country.

Is Dispatch The Same As Delivery?

Dispatch doesn’t necessarily mean delivery, though in some occasions, one might say dispatch this package to this recipient or location.

On one occasion, my tracking information stated your order would be dispatched to you today and be around. However, in most cases, what you will hear or see is out for delivery.

Does Dispatched Mean Delivered?

No, dispatched doesn’t mean delivered but rather to sent a product to a particular location. In shipping, the term delivered means the recipient has successfully received the package or the order made.

What Does In Dispatch Out For Delivery Mean?

This means the package or an order has been sent out to the delivery service to deliver the package to the recipient.

Sometimes the likes of Amazon and eBay use this term to notify a buyer that their package will soon be delivered or out for delivery.


When next you see the term shipment dispatched on your tracking information, it may mean that your item is being sent to a warehouse, to the delivery company, or even to be dispatched to you.

And this is where I draw the line on what dispatched means in shipping. I’m open to your questions and suggestions as well.

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