Package out for post office delivery (Everything explained)

When shopping for products online, there are various means of receiving your items and which includes the post office delivery.

I will say that in every shipment, post office delivery is very compulsory unless you chose to use a premium delivery service like the DHL, FedEx, ups, etc.

Right now we’ll looking at the question of the day.

And that is;

package out for post office delivery

What does package out for post office delivery?

This simply means that your item has been scanned for delivery, and which will be delivered by your local post office.

Whenever you see out for delivery, it simply means that your item has scanned and it will be delivered that very day though sometimes it may not get delivered due to some reasons.

Now if you happen to see package out for post office delivery, then it mean that the item has been scanned by the local post office, and which they will be the one to deliver your item.

In most cases, though depending on a country’s post office and how they work, you may receive a call from them to come collect your item or they will have the item deliver to your house.

If for example you’re bought an item from AliExpress store and used aliexpress standard shipping for your shipping method, it won’t be the local post office will have your item get delivered to you, but if you see package out for post office delivery while tracking your item, it simply means that the courier services has transferred your item to the nearest post office for delivery.

This type of situation will occur if you live in a remote area or environment, and which the delivery company you used in shipping your item cannot go to that particular location, they will hand it over to the nearest local post office to deliver your item.

On the other hand, package out for delivery is a good news indeed unless an unforseen circumstances occur or the delivery personnel gets to lazy to deliver your item, and which the local post office are good at it.

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What to do after seeing package out for post office delivery

As long as it has been scanned for delivery, I will advise you to contact your local post office and request that you come and collect your item or they should come as you’re patiently waiting for them.

That is if your local post office are the nonchalant type.

In my area, they are extremely nonchalant and annoying, once I see that they have scanned my item for delivery, I waste no time in giving them a call.

Most time I prefer to go collect my item because I might wait all through the day without receiving my item irrespective of the fact that it was scanned for delivery.

If you have the time, go pick up your item once you have seen it will be out for delivery.

However, if you have a good local post office in your country or city, you chose to relax and have them deliver the item if they offer home delivery or you can schedule for a home delivery.

Why does my package say out for delivery but not delivered?

This usually occur if a certain situation prevented the delivery personnel from delivering your package.

However, in some situations especially when the delivery personnel is from the local post office, the delivery personnel may get too lazy to move to your location and have your item delivered to you.

But there are other reasons why a package will be scanned for delivery, buy won’t be delivered to the recipient.

And they are as follows;

1. Bad weather condition

A serious bad weather condition might prevent a package from getting delivered in certain areas.

Though sometimes delivery personnel usually come up with excuses that it is due to weather condition that prevented them from delivering an item even when the weather condition wasn’t that bad.

2. Road disaster

It can occur though quite rare to see.

The road disaster I’m talking about can be inform of road accident, blockage of the road or no access to the recipient house or location.

In some cases depending on the delivery service, if a delivery personnel cannot deliver an item due to no access to the recipient house, the delivery personnel or the driver will scan the item no access to delivery location.

Accident might occur though very rare and which will prevent the delivery personnel from delivering the item to the recipient.

3. Delayed delivery

A delayed delivery is another reason why a package may be out for delivery but never get delivered.

It may not be the driver’s fault but rather due to a heavy traffic on the road, especially if the driver has lots of items to deliver on that particular day.

4. When a package is misplaced

This is something that you should pray for especially if the item is very essential and pricey.

A package may get misplaced after it has already been scanned for delivery. This usually occur during loading or loading the packages into the delivery van.

Though it is quite rare to see, but at times it do happen.

package out for post office delivery

5. The issue of a Misdirected Package

Talking about why does my package say out for delivery but not delivered, it may be due to a misdirected Package as it is one of the common reasons for a packaging saying “out for delivery” but not arriving.

This is the case when the local post office or the delivery personnel has scanned the package out for delivery, but it ended up in the wrong mail truck.

This is very common and occurs during loading of the items.

As it goes, different delivery personnel for different areas, so unless your package ends up in the right truck, it cannot be delivered and this is the way it works. 

It will only be delivered if the delivery personnel is delivering items within your location or environment.

Until it is returned to the depot at the end of the truck’s route, nothing can be done to correct this, but hopefully it will end up on the correct truck the following day.

Sometimes, for the fact that a delivery company ships out so much mail on a daily basis, it is not unusual for this to happen. It may be worth calling your post office when the trucks have finished their routes to see if they can locate the parcel, but if you wait, it is likely that it will be delivered the next day.

Does the post office leave packages at the door?

The answer is yes. Post office do leave packages at the door unless the package requires a signature from the recipient then the delivery personnel won’t leave the package at the door.

Many a time post office usually leave a package at the door step of the recipient unless the package requires a signature then they won’t leave it at the door.


However, there are certain issues thar will prevent the post office from leaving the item at the door step and they include the followings.

  • Fee owed: This is when the recipient of the package has a fee to pay before receiving the item. In this type of situation, the delivery personnel will not deliver the item if no one is at home to receive the item and pay for the dues.

In general, post office or any other delivery services usually leave the item at the door unless it requires a signature. I’m saying this based on my experience with my local post office, FedEx, ups, and even the likes of DHL.

The only difference the premium delivery services from the local post office is thar they will first knock on the door to see if anyone is around before dropping it right on the floor or at the door.

However, the case is different with my local post office as they don’t knock but rather drop it off at the door or inside the mail box depending on the size of the item.

Package out for delivery then arrived at post office

This will occur if the delivery company cannot go to the route of the recipient, instead they will have the package drop off at the nearest post office.

There are limits to where some delivery companies or couriers do go, and if your location is off their limit, what they will do is to send your item to the post office to help deliver your item.

Package arrived at post office but not out for delivery

First any package thar arrived at the post will have to be scanned before it goes it out for delivery.

Once the package gets scanned for delivery, you will see that your tracking information will update to package out for delivery.

But this will happen if the package arrived at the post office earlier, if it arrived late, then it won’t be scanned for delivery except for the next business day.

From my observation, it occurs when you’re living in a remote environment or no so popular area.

So asking why did my package go from out for delivery to arrived at post office, it is because your delivery personnel cannot go to your location as it is not their delivery route.

Do you have to be home for USPS delivery?

You don’t have to be at home for USPS delivery except if your package requires a signature or you owe a fee.

Most times usps will drop off your item right at your door and wouldn’t even bother knock on the door.

Related Question

what does package out for post office delivery ups?

This will occur if ups don’t deliver items to your location, instead they will give it to the nearest post off to deliver it to you.

And with this, I come to the conclusion on the question of the day, what does package out for post office delivery on shipment.

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