Is aliexpress sneakers real and good

Planning on buying a sneaker on aliexpress, and you’re confused as to whether the sneakers sold on aliexpress are original or probably fake, I’m here to give you the answer to your question of is aliexpress sneakers real.

I truly understand the situation of trying to know if indeed the shoes or the sneakers on aliexpress are truly original or fake cause we all know that China are very good in producing replicas or imitation.

Before going into the question of is aliexpress sneakers real, I want you to know that most of the sneakers you see on Aliexpress  are replicas or probably an imitation which you tag as fake.

Is aliexpress sneakers real?

Aliexpress sneakers are real though there are lots of imitation or replicas of brand sneakers sold on aliexpress. For example, the Nike running shoes.

I ended up buying a replica Nike shoe though the seller wrote original Nike running shoe. Then I never knew there is a consequence for sellers that lied that there product is original whilst it is fake on aliexpress.

If a seller happens to write original Nike running shoe or any other product, and it ends up to be a replica instead of an original as stated by the seller, the seller will refund your money and it times three of the actual amount you paid for the shoe.

For example, you paid for a Nike shoe $132 and the seller stated that the Nike running shoe is original, upon receiving the order you found out that the shoe indeed is a replica and not original, you will have to open a dispute. Aliexpress will look into that, and at the end you will receive $396 instead of $132 you paid for the shoe.

This makes it difficult for aliexpress merchants or sellers to specify that there product is original whilst it is a replica.

Going back to the question of is aliexpress sneakers real, some of them are real while most of them are replica. Most of the brand sneakers you see there are replica or imitation and not the real or original sneakers.

How do i find original or real sneakers on aliexpress

This is one major question asked by aliexpress shoppers especially those that are new on aliexpress online shopping.

How do i find original or real sneakers on aliexpress?

This can be quite difficult as some of the seller might claim to be selling original sneakers instead of replicas or imitations.

To find real or original sneakers on aliexpress, enter the sneakers name and include original. If you find any which you like, kindly contact the seller and ask if the is original or not. If the seller says it is a replica, ignore it and move on to the next sneaker.

If the seller says yes, screenshot the chat and make sure you saved it. Now take a look if people have bought the shoes and leave a review or feedback. If there’s no ratings and reviews, I advise you not to buy unless you want to take the risk.

If the seller assures you that the sneaker is original and not fake, you can go ahead and buy the sneaker. If it happens to be fake and the seller lied, aliexpress or probably the seller will pay you times three of the actual amount you paid for the sneaker.

Remember you will have to show them the evidence for them to believe you. Don’t go and buy a fake shoe upload it in order to receive your money times three, aliexpress will detect and ignore your claim.

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Before buying a sneaker from aliexpress, chat with seller and be assured that indeed that the sneaker is original and not fake.

Guide on buying sneakers from aliexpress

is aliexpress sneakers real

Having answered the question of is aliexpress sneakers real, now is the guide on buying sneakers from aliexpress.

1. Check the ratings and numbers sold

This is very essential if you don’t want to end up buying trash from aliexpress or even any other online shopping store. Check the product ratings and the number sold so far.

Are the ratings good or bad, what are people saying about the product and also the number sole so far.

If the ratings are below 4.5, try and see why the ratings are low. If the ratings is 4.5 and above, try and read the comments.

Are they saying the product is original or not?

If you didn’t see such comments, kindly contact the seller. You will see where it states chat the seller and tap to open and message the seller. Ask if the sneaker is original or not, most of the sellers will be sincere to you knowing the consequence.

is aliexpress sneakers real

If the seller gives you an assurance, go ahead and make the aliexpress sneakers real.

2. Check the seller ratings

If you’re new on aliexpress, I don’t recommend you buying any product from New sellers or sellers without ratings and followers.

On aliexpress, for you to know if the seller is good or fake, check the number of items sold, the sellers ratings and recommendations, and lastly the number of followers. Once your products are good and original, you will definitely have lots of recommendations, followers and good ratings.

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Checking on these things helps you to buy a real or original sneakers on aliexpress. You may happen to see a genuine new seller on aliexpress but I won’t recommend that to you unless you want to take the aliexpress sneakers real.

3. Message the seller

I’ve already stated this, chat with the seller to be assured that you’re buying an original sneakers and not a replica.

If the seller says yes the sneaker is original, then go ahead and buy the sneakers. After all if it turns out to be fake aliexpress will refund you your money and you won’t lose anything.

These are the three major things to look out for on buying a sneaker from aliexpress. Others includes the shipping method and the cost of shipping to your location.

I do hope to have answered the question of is aliexpress sneakers real, and please you don’t need to be scared while shopping on aliexpress. If anything goes wrong, your money will be refunded to your account.

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If you’re still confused on buying sneakers on aliexpress, I’m open to assist you. Also there no need to be afraid that you will lose your money cause that won’t happen and I assure you of that. With this I come to conclusion of the post of is aliexpress sneakers real. Please don’t forget to check out our other posts and aliexpress buying guide.

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