Does Aliexpress Ship On Weekends (Helpful Tips)

Does Aliexpress Ship On Weekends

There’s no doubt that Aliexpress is one of the best online shopping stores in the world today, and the fact is that it has lots of buyers from different countries across the world.

On buying items from Aliexpress, the shipping method is very important. To know how Aliexpress shipment works and also the delivery. Also, this question of does Aliexpress ship on weekends is very important on buying items from Aliexpress.


So I’m going to explain all these to you, how Aliexpress shipping works, the shipping and also the delivery?

Now let’s jump into what we have here.

Does Aliexpress Ship On Weekends

Yes, of course, Aliexpress does ship on weekends, and that is on Saturdays. Remember that Aliexpress don’t ship on Sundays but rather on Saturdays though they mostly ship on weekdays.

Aliexpress, just like any other online shopping store, do work on Saturdays and from my experience shopping on Aliexpress for the past four years, I’ve seen lots of merchants or sellers ship their items on Saturdays.

However, irrespective of the fact that Aliexpress sellers and the couriers do ship on weekends, there are few of them that don’t ship on Saturdays or Sundays though they are very few, maybe one or two persons.

So you don’t have to bother yourself thinking if indeed Aliexpress ship on weekends cause they do and I’ve seen that happen multiple times while shopping on Aliexpress.

Also, I want you to know that Aliexpress shipping depends on the seller and its shipping method, so if you want to be quite sure if your Aliexpress items or order can be shipped on weekends, I will advise you to contact the seller and inquire if he or she do ship on Saturdays and Sundays.

Aside from this question of does Aliexpress ship on weekends, what matters most is being able to receive your item on weekends.

For example, your Aliexpress order may arrive on Friday and be scheduled to be delivered the next day. Because of the fact that the courier you used or your country’s post office doesn’t work on weekends, you will receive your items on Monday.

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This is the case in my own location. The post office doesn’t work on weekends, and if a product arrives on weekends, it will be out for delivery on Monday instead of Saturday. Now you have seen the answer to the question of does Aliexpress ship on weekends, let me explain more questions about Aliexpress shipping.

How Long Do Aliexpress Orders Take

Usually, Aliexpress orders do take a maximum of two to reach the buyer’s location and also to be delivered to the buyer. Sometimes it can take up to three months which is the maximum time frame for aliexpress buyer’s protection.

If your Aliexpress order exceeds the three months buyer’s protection or probably the remaining two days are over, you should immediately open a dispute. Afterward, Aliexpress will refund you the money or the amount paid for the item(s).

In some cases, you may receive the item after receiving the refund into your bank account. This has happened to me for up to eight times though I paid back the sellers their money.

So generally, Aliexpress usually takes two months though it all depends on the seller and the shipping method used. The fastest Aliexpress shipping I’ve seen is with DHL and FedEx, and it took just six days to arrive at my destination.

The fastest Aliexpress standard shipping I received was eight days in 2019, and I was really surprised cause I have never seen that happen since I have been shopping on Aliexpress since 2016.

Another factor that plays a major role in Aliexpress shipping is the location. If the buyer’s location is closer to the product’s country of origin or where the product is being shipped from, the faster the product will arrive at the destination country. If the buyer’s location is very far, it will definitely take a long for the product to arrive at the destination country.

Can AliExpress Ship Faster?

Yes, Aliexpress can ship faster, especially if a buyer uses a fast shipping method. So far I know the likes of DHL are very fast in shipping and also FedEx and Aramex.

does aliexpress ship on weekends

Even the standard shipping isn’t slow either though destination country proves to be a major factor in determining how fast an Aliexpress order will be.

I noticed that Aliexpress shipping is quite slow in the United States, Canada, or America as a whole compared to Europe, Asia, or Africa.

Also, sellers or merchants also determine how fast shipping will be because I know some number of Aliexpress sellers that ships at a faster rate.

Even this question of does aliexpress ship on weekends proves to be vital cause I can’t imagine making an order on Friday and waiting for Monday for the seller to ship the item. Honestly, I will be completely pissed off cause the two days mean a lot in shipping.

So if you want your Aliexpress order to ship faster, I recommend you to use a fast shipping method, and you can first contact or chat with the seller about the fast shipping method before proceeding in buying the product.

Why Is AliExpress Shipping So Slow

I’ve seen some number of persons asking why their Aliexpress shipping is usually slow, and it is usually caused by the major factors that determine Aliexpress shipping.

Just like I said, the first factor that determines how fast aliexpress shipping will be is the seller or the merchant. If the seller is the type that offers a slow shipping service, the Aliexpress shipping will be very low to arrive at the final destination.

Sometimes a seller will wait for eight days after a buyer has made an order to ship the item, while fast sellers will ship that same day or the next day.

The second determinant of how fast Aliexpress shipping will be is the shipping method used. The likes of ePacket delivery is very fast in delivering the item to the buyer, also the likes of DHL and FedEx are quite fast as I do use them sometimes for high-end products.

Upon selecting the shipping method for your item and you ignored some of these fast shipping methods and went for extremely cheap slow couriers. You will have to wait for two or three months to receive your Aliexpress item.

The third determinant of Aliexpress’s fast shipping is the buyer’s location. If the buyer’s location is very far from where the item or product is coming from, the shipping will definitely not be not fast.

This is why I said that I noticed that Aliexpress shipping to the United States, Canada, etc, are usually slow because of the distance.

So if you a fast Aliexpress shipping, you better avoid merchants that are slow in shipping. People’s reviews will give you the answer. Use a fast shipping method and you will receive your Aliexpress package on time.

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Right now, you have the answer to your question on does Aliexpress ship on weekends. I recommend you always go for a seller that ships faster and use a fast shipping method for your Aliexpress package.

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