Delivery attempt failure aliexpress and what it means

First time of you shopping on aliexpress, and after your order has been shipped, you keep tracking your order for days, weeks and months and suddenly you saw delivery attempt failure aliexpress.

You got confused cause you can’t seem to understand or figure out what is all about, why you’re seeing aliexpress failed delivery on your tracking.

Hey, you need to calm down your nerves cause there no need for you to panic or get worried.

First, you’re not the very first person to see delivery attempt failure aliexpress cause I have seen that a multiple times while shopping on aliexpress. So I’m going to explain what it means and what you need to do about it.

Delivery attempt failure aliexpress

When you see delivery attempt failure aliexpress or aliexpress package delivery failed, this simply means that the post office or the delivery service tried to deliver your product or order but it wasn’t successful.

This is usually caused by the post office or the delivery services not reaching you or your contact number or information. If they called your line or try to locate your address and all to no avail, they will update it as delivery failed.

That is they reached out to deliver the order or the package but couldn’t reach the recipient or the Aliexpress customer.

Apart from that, some issues might occur during delivery, and which hinders the package delivered to the customer or the recipient. This will also make the post office or the delivery service to update it as delivery attempt failure aliexpress.

Generally, when you see aliexpress failed delivery, it simply means that your order or package was scheduled to be delivered that very day, but couldn’t due to some reasons.

Like I mentioned, maybe the post office couldn’t reach you, or maybe some issues occurred during delivery. However, when you see that on your tracking it means that your order has reached the local post office in your location.

What to do about aliexpress failed delivery

When you see delivery attempt failure aliexpress on your tracking, don’t panic or go haywire over it because your order has reached the final destination.

What you need to do immediately you see aliexpress attempted delivery failed on your tracking!

Quickly move to the post office if there’s still time to do so, remember to go with your tracking number and your ID depending on your country and its rules on receiving items from abroad.

delivery attempt failure aliexpress

As you reached the post office, tell them that you have an item that arrived from China probably an aliexpress item and you want to collect the item. They will ask for your name and the tracking number, using these requirements they will look for your item.

As long as you saw delivery attempt failure aliexpress or aliexpress failed delivery while tracking your aliexpress order, it means that your order is with the post office or the delivery service.

Why I’m stressing this is because you might have a nonchalant or lazy delivery service man or woman who will claim not to see your order after giving them the tracking number and your name. Definitely it is there and they should look for it.

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Again, if you have a multiple post offices in your location, you have to go to all of them and inquire if they received an item from China or probably from aliexpress China.

So whenever you see aliexpress attempted delivery failed on your tracking, don’t panic but simply move to the post office using your tracking number and ID. Definitely you will collect your order cause it has reached its final destination and that is your location.

Package arrived at post office can i pick it up?

If you see package arrived at post office, don’t rush to the post office immediately. I will advise you to go to the post office the next day in case they didn’t give you a call that very day you saw the message package arrived at post office on your dashboard.

Once a package or an order reaches the post office or any courier services, they will first sort out the products and note down the product name, and the recipient name and number. Afterwards they will start to call the all the recipients to come collect their packages.

So I don’t recommend you rushing to the post office immediately you see package arrived at post office on your tracking. Wait for 24hrs and if you didn’t receive any call or message, go to the post office immediately.

Package arrived at post office can i pick it up? 

No, wait for a while to receive the post office call or message before going to the post office. If you did receive any calls or message, then you should go there immediately.

Aliexpress delivery failed please contact your local post office?

This simply means that the post office tried contacting you or to deliver your order but couldn’t reach you to deliver the package or your Aliexpress order.

What follows next is for them to write aliexpress delivery failed please contact your local post office on your package.

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So whenever you see that or delivery attempt failure aliexpress, don’t hesitate to go to the post office to collect your aliexpress order. Remember, you must go with your tracking cause usually they will for your name and the tracking number to be sure that they tried reaching out to you but failed.

Lastly, the post office usually collect a fee for every item received from aliexpress except if the item is very lightweight like jewelries, thermometer or any other lightweight items. If the item is heavy, expect a post office fee of $5 and above though everything depends on your country and their custom duties on items received from abroad.

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This is where I draw the line on this topic of delivery attempt failure aliexpress, and I’m here to assist your questions in case you’re still confused or didn’t understand all I have said on this post.

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  1. Ciao ho ordinato un pacco da aliexpress l’1 febbraio,il pacco è arrivato in Italia il 03 marzo,e oggi 21 aprile si aggiorna il tracking e mi dice che c’è stata una consegna fallita il giorno 28 marzo,allora decido di chiamare la posta per avere informazioni dò il mio nome e cognome+numero di telefono dicendomi che mi avrebbero richiamato se avevano il pacco,fatto sta che non mi ha richiamato nessuno.Come posso comportarmi?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Sometimes this usually happen especially with a poor delivery service. I recommend you to go to the delivery office and check if the item is right there with them.

      I have experienced this quite a few times and at the end of the day I will have my order delivered to my house.

  2. Hi all,
    AliExpress. I ordered the auto items from AliExpress. Two orders on July 6 and another of July 30. The orders have not turned up. AliExpress has taken my money.
    I have tried repeatedly to contact AliExpress but their website while it talks about contacting them does not allow the buyer to contact them! Bad news. Bad for an online seller!
    Even worse for a potential buyer.
    Now I have an email saying that they will refund my money for one item. I have no idea if they will refund my money for the other two items.
    All this leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth. Is AliExpress a scam merchant or is it simply an issue with delivery? I feel it is the former.
    I say to any potential buyer from AliExpress BEWARE!

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