How to buy jerseys on aliexpress website

Having said that aliexpress does sell jerseys on their website or store, now the guide on how to buy jerseys on aliexpress.

Buying jerseys on aliexpress is same with buying any other products on aliexpress, having bought two jerseys on aliexpress since 2019, I will explain the facts which you need to know.

So before going into the topic of the post, which is how to buy jerseys on aliexpress let me first tell you all that you need to know while shopping for jerseys on aliexpress.

What you need to know

Before buying or shopping for jerseys on aliexpress, you need to know and bear this in your mind about aliexpress jerseys;

1. You’re 90% buying a replica

First thing you need to know, most of the sports jerseys on aliexpress are replica and not really the original jerseys from the company producing the jerseys.

However, the Aliexpress jerseys are of good quality and not inferior though there are quite large number of them that are inferior on aliexpress.

For example, you want to buy an original original arsenal jersey which is being produced by Adidas company. Most of the arsenal jerseys or even all of them are being produced in China by the Chinese designers and not Adidas.

This is why I said that 90% that you’re going to buy a replica of the jersey and not the original one produced by the company making the jerseys for the club, country or person.

This shouldn’t put you off cause I have bought two jerseys from aliexpress in February 2019 and I’m still using them. They are very much okay and not tear or change of color, their materials are good and you won’t detect if it is a replica.

2. You’re not buying from the company

As you’re looking for how to buy jerseys on aliexpress, I want you to know that you’re not buying from the company producing these jerseys for a club, country or for a person.

Using arsenal football club as an example. Adidas partnered with arsenal to be making boots and jerseys for the club. If you buy the jerseys from these Chinese sellers, definitely the club won’t benefit from the sales cause they are selling a replica of their jerseys.

Mind you, I’m not entirely saying that all jerseys sold on aliexpress or China are replicas, no, but most of them are replicas. With this, the club won’t have any gain cause the sellers didn’t buy the jerseys from them but rather they produced a replica of the jerseys.

How to buy jerseys on aliexpress

Now let’s proceed to how to buy jerseys on aliexpress. First, you must register an account with with aliexpress before you can buy product from the website.

Registration wouldn’t take you more than five minutes and you are done with that.You can download the Aliexpress mobile app or probably use the Aliexpress website to get started with the registration.

Once you’re done with the registration, you can then proceed to how to buy jerseys on aliexpress. Kindly make sure that you selected your country, because it will help in changing the currency or the price for the product.

1. Searching for jerseys on aliexpress

To search for jerseys on aliexpress, on the mobile app or the website, look at the search button on top of the screen and enter jersey. It will bring out all the jerseys sold on aliexpress website, ranging from NBA jerseys, to football jerseys, NFL jerseys, cycling jerseys, etc.

If you have a particular jersey or a brand of jersey that you’re looking for, you should enter that on the search button.

For example, you want to search for NBA Lakers jerseys. You need to type that into the search button and tap on the go keypad to search for it. It will display all the NBA Lakers jerseys for you to make your choice, varying from different stores or merchants.

2. Look out for the reviews

This is very essential if you’re shopping online or planningto buy jerseys on aliexpress. If this is your very first time shopping on aliexpress, I won’t recommend buying a jersey from a new merchant or a product that has no reviews.

However, you can still take the risk and try your luck if you don’t mind being the first person to buy the product.

Look out for people’s reviews about the jerseys.

Are they good?

What did people say about the Aliexpress jerseys or the material?

How many rating were given to the products and also the sellers?

These are what you should look out for. If the rating are below 4.5, skip and go to the next one but first try and read customer’s reviews about the product before making your choice.

3. Know your size before making an order

People do get this wrong while shopping online, buying the wrong size cloth or jerseys. You must know your body size and make sure that it tallies with the size on aliexpress to avoid ordering for the wrong size jerseys.

If you don’t know your cloth size, kindly use the internet and search for that. There are lots of websites that will guide you through on how to know your body size.

4. The shipping method

Another thing to look out for while shopping on aliexpress. What type of shipping method are available for you, and for me I prefer to use the Aliexpress standard shipping as it is way affordable and trusted.

Go through the available shipping methods and be sure that you have seen the one which you preferred most. It can be DHL, FedEx, EMS, Cainiao super economy, etc. As you okay with the shipping method and the price, move onto the by adding it to the cart.

5. Adding to the cart

As you’re satisfied with the seller, the product, the shipping method and the fee, next is to add the product to the cart unless if you don’t have any other to shop then you tap on buy now button.

Add the product to the cart and move on to the next and final step which is buy the product or the jersey.

6. Making the order

This is the final step on how to buy jerseys on aliexpress. Tap on the buy now button and you will see the page to make your order, but first you must add a payment method for your aliexpress account.

how to buy jerseys on aliexpress

Tap on select payment method and select add new card if you want to make payment using your credit card or debit card. There are other options like webmoney, wire transfer and others.

For me I prefer to use my credit card or debit card though I mostly use my debit card for aliexpress payment reason being that it is not well secured. Mind you, that’s my observation and opinion.

Add your payment details or information, save it and tap on the done button to continue.

Now go through all that you have entered including your address, contact number and the card details. If you have a promo code, enter it in the place provided for it. You will see where it states enter code here, tap on the url or link and enter your promo code.

You should definitely see a discount if the promo code is still valid or working.

After you’re done, tap on place order button.

And that’s it. This is how to buy jerseys on aliexpress. You will receive the tracking number immediately the seller or the merchant ship your order. You can also contact or message the seller if you have something which you want to ask or tell the seller.

After placing the order

You will have to monitor the order to see if the seller has shipped it though aliexpress will send you a message if the seller has shipped the item.

It usually takes a maximum of eight days for a seller to ship the item. If it exceed five days, kindly message the seller and know if the seller will ship the item or for you to cancel the order.

Immediately the seller ships the item, aliexpress will send you a tracking number. You can track the item using aliexpress website or any of these online tracking websites.

Depending on your country, aliexpress order usually takes a maximum of three months to arrive at customer’s destination. If it does, kindly open a dispute and you will be refunded.

This is how to buy jerseys on aliexpress, and that’s all I have got to say on this.

Are aliexpress jerseys real?

Aliexpress jerseys are not real as most of them are replicas of the original jerseys, but they are of good quality. Don’t expect to buy an original NBA jersey or soccer jersey on aliexpress cause there’s a high tendency that you’re buying a replica.

However, even though they are mostly replica they are made of a good material. I can testify that the jerseys are good though there are lots of inferior ones on aliexpress. This is why I stressed on reviews especially if you don’t have the funds to waste cause returns can be difficult on aliexpress.

Best jerseys to get on aliexpress

Honestly, it can be quite difficult to say the best jerseys you can buy on aliexpress though I prefer NBA jerseys and football jerseys.

In fact the best jerseys to get on aliexpress are baseball jerseys and cycling jerseys. They are so beautiful and I love their material. I ordered one each and they are yet to arrive my destination as I’m still waiting for them to arrive.

how to buy jerseys on aliexpress

NBA jerseys are very much good and so football jerseys. I’m yet to check out for other jerseys.

How to find nba jerseys on aliexpress

To find NBA jerseys on aliexpress, open the mobile app or the website and on the search button enter nba jerseys.

You will see lots of NBA jerseys on aliexpress, ranging from Lakers to warriors, and down to heat etc.

For example, if you want to buy warriors jerseys and that of curry, enter curry nba jersey and you will see lots of them or maybe Lakers NBA jerseys.

how to find nba jerseys on aliexpress

This is how to find nba jerseys on aliexpress website with ease and also how to buy jerseys on aliexpress.

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Aliexpress jersey store

To buy jerseys on aliexpress, there are tons of aliexpress jerseys store for it. For now I don’t have a favorite store for jersey as I haven’t purchased so much of it. You can go through Aliexpress jerseys stores and search for your favorite.

This is where I come to the conclusion on how to buy jerseys on aliexpress, how to find nba jerseys on aliexpress and if the Aliexpress jerseys are real or probably inferior.

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