Arrived At Destination Country (A Detailed Explanation)

Arrived At Destination Country

Shopping online or sending an item to someone living in another country, and upon tracking the item, you saw the item arrived at the destination country, and that got you confused!

You shouldn’t be worried or get a headache trying to figure out what the tracking information tells you. I will explain all you need to know about arrived at destination country, meaning on Aliexpress or any other online store or courier service.


Now let’s jump in.

What Does Arrived At Destination Country Mean?

Arrived at destination country simply means an item or a product has arrived at the country where the item is supposed to be sent to which is usually the buyer or the recipient country.

Arrived at destination country

On the contrary, someone living in the United States can buy an item from Amazon or aliexpress and have the item delivered to a friend or family living in Australia. In this type of scenario, the address on the item will be the recipient’s address, not the buyer’s.

For this arrived at destination country, here the destination country will be the recipient country and not the buyer’s country simply because the item or the product has the recipient address.

So what I’m trying to tell you is that whenever you see arrived at destination country on your tracking information, you should kindly know that the item has arrived at the destination country of the stated address on the item. So usually, the destination country is the buyer’s country or the recipient country.

Now if you are buying a product online on Aliexpress or any other online store, after the product has been shipped, what comes next is dispatched to destination country.

After being dispatched to destination country what follows next will be arrived at destination country.

Whenever you see the term on your tracking information, you should be very happy because your item or product has arrived in your country and will soon be delivered to you.

If I bought a product online, especially from aliexpress, and upon tracking the item, I saw Arrived at destination country; I will be very pleased knowing fully well that very soon I will receive my item.

Usually, it takes a good seven working days for me to receive my item, but the fastest I’ve seen is three working days.

Why I’m saying this because I’ve received some questions like how long does arrived at destination country take, and don’t worry as I will answer them right away.

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How Long Does Arrived At Destination Country Take?

Arrived at destination country usually takes a maximum of two weeks, but everything depends on the destination country’s customs and delivery service.

Please bear in mind the two major things I mentioned, the destination country custom and the delivery service, because they play a vital role in you receiving your item on time or very late.

Now let me take them one after the other.

1. The Custom

Immediately an item arrives at the destination country. The item will be forwarded straight to the custom of the country.

The custom will check the item to see if it is contraband or illegal, and this usually takes two to three days, depending on how fast the custom is in checking the item.

From my own observation and in my country, it usually takes a maximum of two weeks if the custom are too slow though most custom check takes three working days.

So if you are trying to know how long arrival at the destination country takes, you should bear in mind that how fast your country’s custom is will determine how long arrived at destination country take before the item is delivered to you.

2. The Delivery Service

Arrived at destination country

This is the second thing you should bear in mind, the delivery service. After customs checks, the item will be forwarded to the delivery personnel depending on the means of shipment which you used in shipping your item.

The likes of DHL, FedEx, and Aramex are much faster, based on my own experience.

When it comes to Aliexpress arrived at destination country, if you happen to use the Aliexpress standard shipping in shipping your item, you should bear in mind that your item will be delivered to you through the post office.

So if the post office are a lot faster, then you will receive your item on time. Still, if they are very slow and sluggish, then you may have to wait for about two weeks or more after you have seen arrived at destination country on your tracking information before you can receive your item.

Generally, when you see arrived at destination country, you should be happy because your item has safely reached your location, and you should receive your item within two weeks unless you have slow and sluggish customs officers and delivery personnel.

Depending on the means of delivery or where you purchased your item, a package arrived at destination country simply means that your package has arrived at the buyer or recipient country.

This is what it means, and indeed it is a good news though you have to wait for a while before it will reach the final destination which is your house.

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What Does Received In Destination Country Mean?

This means the item has been received by the recipient’s customs and duty. It can also mean that the item has reached the recipient country, its destination or where the item is being sent to.

Arrived At Destination Country Wish

This means that the item bought from Wish has reached the buyer or the recipient’s destination country. What follows next will be custom clearance, and afterward, the item will be forwarded to the delivery service to be delivered to the recipient.


With all I have explained in this article, whenever you see arrived at destination country in your tracking information, you will understand what it’s trying to tell you. It’s so simple that your item has successfully arrived in your country or the recipient country. Remember this also includes shipment arriving at the destination country.

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