Are aliexpress shoes good to buy

The question of today, are aliexpress shoes good.

Thie question is very common and I understand the reason why people ask this question, especially if you have not bought any product on aliexpress. I’m writing this post based on my experience as I have bought lots of shoes on aliexpress, both male and female, and kids shoes.

First, I want to assure you that buying shoes on aliexpress is same with buying shoes on Amazon, eBay, etc. Yo don’t need to be afraid of what you’re buying or the quality of the shoes.

Are aliexpress shoes good

Yes of course, aliexpress shoes are good and very high quality though it depends on the price and the shoe make.

However, most shoes sold on Aliexpress  are Chinese brands and it is quite difficult to find an American designer shoes in aliexpress. They are rare and very costly if you happen to see one.

If you search for shoes, what you will be seeing are tons of Chinese shoe brands, ranging from high quality to low quality and different make.

The very first shoe I bought from aliexpress was back in 2017, this is four years and I’m still using the shoe. So far I’ve bought up to twelve shoes from aliexpress and I’m still using them up till this time of writing this post.

The quality of the shoes are very much okay as I went for more of the affordable ones. I bought up to six office shoes which are high cost but they are really beautiful and superb in quality.

However, among the shoes I’ve bought from aliexpress just one got damaged within one year of using the shoe. But I’m not complaining cause the price was relatively cheap ($15) and there’s no need to complain.

When you buy a cheap product, that’s what you will get, low quality product.

Looking at the question once agare aliexpress shoes good, you don’t need to be afraid on buying shoes in aliexpress as their shoes are good. You will also see low quality ones just like in any other store or online stores.

Guide on buying shoes from aliexpress

Before proceeding to buying a shoe on aliexpress, you need to look out for these things as they will guide you through on buying shoes from aliexpress.

are aliexpress shoes good

1. The shoe size

This is very important if you are buying a shoe online and not just on aliexpress. You must check your shoe size, both the inches and the CM and note it down.

Aliexpress has different shoes sizes varying from the US shoe size, UK shoe size, EU shoe size, and Chinese shoe size. Mostly, you will see the US or the UK shoe size on aliexpress.

To measure your leg, get a tape or a long ruler and place it beside your foot the big toe. Measure both the inches and the CM of your feet and note it down. On buying a shoe on aliexpress or any other online store, they will state the shoe size based on inches or CM.

Usually it is always on inches. For example, your shoe size is 10 and the cm is 29, you will find out what size 10 mean in the UK, US, EU and China.

My shoe size is 10 in inches, in the US shoe size it is 10, in the UK shoe size it is 8, while in the EU shoe size it is 41. Mind you, I’m female.

For male, the size 10 means 10 in the US, 9 in the UK, and 44 in the EU shoe size.

This is very compulsory that you must know your shoe size in US, UK and Eu before buying shoes online store or from aliexpress.

2. The shoe rating

Going by the question of the post, are aliexpress shoes good, shoe rating is very important. If you’re new on aliexpress, don’t be the first to buy that shoe unless want to take the risk.

If not, look for shoes that has ratings and read what people are saying about the shoe and the seller. If the rating is below 4.5, I recommend you to skip and move on to next shoe with a good ratings. However, if you saw a shoe that looks of quality but no ratings yet, you can take the risk and order the shoe.

I’ve done this before and I didn’t regret doing so cause the shoe looks exactly the same line on the picture, and the best shoe I have bought from aliexpress.

3. The shipping method

There are lots of shipping methods on aliexpress though it depends on the sellers preferred shipping method. Fo me, I always prefer the Aliexpress standard shipping cause it is cheap or affordable, and the standard shipping is registered.

With this, you can easily track your aliexpress order without hitches, and if you didn’t receive the item, aliexpress will refund you faster.

DHL, FedEx, EMS are very good though they are costly. I rarely use them buy you can do so especially with DHL.

Is it safe to buy shoes from aliexpress

It is hundred percent safe to buy shoes from aliexpress, there’s nothing to fear as the shoes are of good quality. You can buy original Nike shoes from aliexpress and I guarantee you that they are original and not fake.

Shoes bought from aliexpress will be delivered to you and if you didn’t receive the order, aliexpress will refund your your money. Generally, buying shoes from aliexpress is very safe and nothing to fear.

Same with the question of are aliexpress shoes good. They are good even the replicas are also good and I can testify to that.are aliexpress shoes good.

Are shoes on AliExpress fake?

Shoes on aliexpress are not fake though you will find lots of replica. However, I can assure you that Nike shoes on aliexpress are original and not fake having bought one in 2019.

Most office shoes or casual shoes on aliexpress are made in China or replica, though some of the sellers are from Turkey. But the truth is, aliexpress shoes are not fake even though they do have the fake ones which can be called replicas but they are good quality.

I’m not saying this to promote aliexpress, but my experience of buying from aliexpress since 2016. There are lots of fake products but through people’s reviews, you can be sure of what you’re buying.

This is why I don’t like to be the first person to buy a particular product on aliexpress. I do check the number sold and the people’s reviews before buying the product. are aliexpress shoes good.

Don’t Miss!!!

Aliexpress is one of the best online stores to buy shoes or products, but one need to take extra measures in order to avoid falling a victim to fake products or mischievous sellers. This is where I come to the conclusion of the post on are aliexpress shoes good, I’m open to your questions and suggestions.

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