Amazon Delivery Attempted: What Should Know

Amazon Delivery Attempted What Should Know

You made an order on Amazon, your order was shipped, and after a few days, you saw the order out for delivery on this very day.

You decided to stay at home and wait for your package to be delivered by the delivery personnel. Throughout that day, you didn’t see any delivery personnel, and your item was not delivered.


Suddenly you see a notification on your phone it states delivery attempted.

This is very confusing because you have been at home all day and didn’t see anybody or delivery personnel trying to deliver your package. This brings us to the topic of the day, amazon delivery attempted.

What is it all about? Why did I see delivery attempted? I was home all through the day and never stepped out, no delivery man came by.

First, I will start by explaining what the term delivery attempted mean in shipping.

What Is Delivery Attempted

Delivery attempted is a situation whereby a delivery personnel or postal carrier tries to deliver a recipient’s package but was unable due to some number of reasons, like nobody signing a signature or no response from the recipient’s house.

This is what delivery attempted means in shipping.

But in most cases which I have seen happen many cases, the postal carrier or delivery personnel seem to abuse the term delivery attempted. This is applied to most of the delivery services, including the popular DHL FedEx, UPS, or the worst, USPS.

What Is Amazon Delivery Attempted?

Amazon delivery attempted is a situation whereby delivery personnel couldn’t deliver a package due to some major factors like no one to sign a signature or no response from the recipient.

amazon delivery attempted

This is what Amazon delivery attempted.

In most cases, this is nothing but an Amazon delivery attempted lie.

I mean to say a very big lie from Amazon logistics or probably other delivery services like UPS, FedEx, or the USPS.

You will stay at home all through the whole day waiting for your package to be delivered to you, but no delivery personnel came to deliver the package, and instead what you will see is delivery attempted.

Now let me further explain why this is happening and why it is very common to see, especially if you use USPS for your delivery service.

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Hidden Reason For Amazon Delivery Attempted

The delivery personnel is very lazy, nonchalant, or has too much workload to deliver an item, and as the rules go by, delivery personnel must deliver or attempt to deliver a package in order to be paid, the delivery personnel will instead scan the item attempted delivery. 

In the real sense, the delivery personnel never came to the recipient’s house or drop-off location or tried to deliver the package.

The rule on delivering Amazon packages is that an item that is out for delivery must be scanned delivered or delivery attempted for the delivery service to receive payment for the service.

Delivery personnel returning a package back to the facility or to the shipper will create a bad impression and rating on its delivery service, and might not be fully paid, so as to avoid being blamed for not delivering a package, they come up with a lie and which is delivery attempted.

This is one of the major reasons you’re seeing Amazon delivery attempted while, in the real sense, there was no attempted delivery.

You can call it an Amazon delivery attempted lie because the delivery personnel lied about the delivery. In some cases, you will see delivery attempted without access to the delivery location.

In most cases, they are lies.

Irrespective of the fact that most of the delivery attempted are lies, there are genuine attempted delivery on Amazon logistics, FedEx, UPS, or even the USPS.

Genuine Reasons For Amazon Delivery Attempted

The reasons include the followings;

1. No Person To Sign A Signature

This is one of the major reasons Amazon delivery attempted from genuine delivery personnel. The package came with an instruction that it requires a signature from the recipient.

If the delivery personnel or the postal carrier goes to deliver the package and sees no one to sign for the package, the delivery personnel will return the package. At the end of the day, it will be deemed as an Amazon delivery attempted.

In some rare cases whereby the delivery personnel is very nice and friendly, he or she will try for the second time or even the third to see if there’s a person to sign for the package.

However, it is quite rare to see because if they come over to your house to make the delivery and see no one, they are off the go, and you will see them again until the next day.

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2. There Was No Access To Your House

Another genuine reason though most times, they came up with this lie of no access to the recipient’s location or house.

This is to say that the delivery services couldn’t enter your house or your location to deliver your item or package. This can be caused by road blockage, no mailbox found, you have a crazy dog, your flat being difficult to find or go through, etc.

In this situation, the recipient may be asked to the local post office or the delivery service facility to go pick up the package.

These are the two major reasons for such Amazon delivery attempted.

How Many Times Will Amazon Attempt Delivery?

It is usually once a day. From my observation, Amazon logistics or any other delivery services will try to attempt delivery.

what to do when amazon says delivery attempted

The rule is delivery personnel should go at least twice a day to make a delivery if the first attempt was successful. But the truth is, they go only once, and at the end of the day, they send the package back to the facility or to the shipper.

What To Do When Amazon Says Delivery Attempted

All you need to do is to bring out your mobile phone and call Amazon or any other logistics or delivery service you used for your package.

Notify them about the Amazon delivery attempted notice you received and reschedule a delivery for the next day or any day best convenient to you.

You have a case to make if you have been at home all day long and you saw a delivery attempted notice on your phone. Immediately call Amazon logistics or your postal carrier and notify them about the situation and where you have been at home throughout the day.

In some cases you will have your package get delivered to you that same day by the same delivery personnel who skipped your house or didn’t bother to deliver the item.

How To Re-Attempt Delivery On Amazon?

It’s so simple to re-attempt delivery on Amazon, kindly contact Amazon and request the delivery of your package the next day or schedule a delivery date with them.

Does Amazon Attempt Delivery Twice A Day?

Amazon does attempt delivery for a second time, but it is very rare to see as it is mostly a single delivery attempted per day.

Whereas most Amazon delivery attempted are lies and false notices because there was never an attempted delivery.

The fact an out-for-delivery package must be scanned with either delivered or delivery attempted, the delivery personnel tends to come up with Amazon order delivery attempted.


Seeing Amazon delivery attempted on your tracking information can be annoying and very annoying and frustrating if you stayed at home waiting for a package to arrive, but it never did. I recommend you to swiftly contact Amazon immediately after you see delivery attempted.

You can request a second delivery the next day, though, on most occasions, the delivery personnel will try to deliver the package the next day unless the person is a thief.

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