Aliexpress Premium Shipping: Everything Explained

Aliexpress Premium Shipping

Aliexpress premium shipping is one of the best means of shipping your items as long as you are buying products from Aliexpress.

However, it is not available to all countries but some selected countries.


If you’re lucky to have Aliexpress premium shipping available in your country to ship your items, then I don’t see why you shouldn’t be using it unless it is due to the cost.

Right in this article, I will explain all you need to know about the premium method of shipping offered by Aliexpress itself.

What Is AliExpress Premium Shipping

Aliexpress Premium Shipping is a shipping service offered by Aliexpress, which is designed to provide a faster and more reliable shipping experience for its customers, with shorter delivery times and more comprehensive tracking information.

As Aliexpress customers complain of slow shipping and delivery, Aliexpress comes up with one of the fastest shipping methods if you prefer to use Aliexpress itself to ship your item.

There’s no doubt that Aliexpress premium shipping is way better compared to standard shipping or the selection standard.

Kindly note that the main benefit of using Aliexpress Premium Shipping is the fact that it offers faster delivery times compared to aliexpress standard shipping methods.

I mean to say the Aliexpress standard shipping and the Aliexpress selection standard.

The good feature of the premium shipment is that it offers delivery times of 5-15 days, though the recipient destination country also plays an important role.

For example, if you’re living in Asia, Europe or Africa, you will receive your Aliexpress premium shipping way faster compared to those living in America.

However, Aliexpress shipping is mostly available for those living in Europe, Asia, and America, as Aliexpress premium shipping is not available for African countries except for standard shipping methods.

Customers can also enjoy more comprehensive tracking information, which allows them to follow the progress of their package every step of the way.

This is especially useful for customers who need to receive their packages quickly or are concerned about safe delivery.


Talking about the benefit you will get when using Aliexpress Premium Shipping, it offers more secure and reliable delivery than Aliexpress standard shipping, which mostly uses the local post office.

Items shipped through the Aliexpress premium shipping are shipped with a higher priority and are given priority handling at the sorting facility, which reduces the risk of damage or loss during transit.

The packages are also shipped with insurance, though it depends on the recipient and if the recipient has insurance coverage for the items.

Furthermore, Aliexpress Premium Shipping is also more convenient for customers.

The premium service offers a door-to-door delivery which may not necessarily be available on Aliexpress standard shipping or the selection standard.

As it offers a door to door delivery, it eliminates the need for Aliexpress customers to pick up their packages from a post office or shipping facility.

Aliexpress premium shipping also provides delivery on weekends and holidays, which allows customers to receive their packages even when they are not available during regular business hours.

Talking about returns, Aliexpress Premium Shipping also provides a free return service though it depends on the recipient’s destination country.

This means that customers can return their packages for free if they are not satisfied with their purchase.

However, this is only available for certain products and only for certain countries, but it offers a lot of convenience to customers who are not happy with their purchases.

Aliexpress Premium Shipping is also more environmentally friendly than other shipping methods. The service uses less packaging material and reduces the carbon footprint by using more efficient shipping routes.

However, it’s worth noting that Aliexpress Premium Shipping also comes with a higher cost.

This service is more expensive than standard shipping methods, and customers will need to pay more for their packages to be shipped through this service.

Additionally, not all sellers on Aliexpress offer this service, so customers will need to check with individual sellers to see if this service is available for the products they are interested in.

Who Delivers Aliexpress Premium Shipping

Delivers Aliexpress Premium Shipping

The likes of DHL, FedEx, Speedaf, UPS, etc., make the final delivery or deliver the package to the recipient’s final destination.

In my own case, I have received multiple calls from DHL and UPS to deliver orders for which I used the premium shipping method.

Sometimes, the likes of FedEx or Speedaf will come to deliver the item to my house.

As these are premium shipping methods and well secured, you will receive your Aliexpress order in time and without any hassle and tussle.

But it comes with a big disadvantage.

And that is the customs duty fee.

Aliexpress Premium Shipping Con

The big con here is that you will be charged a lot by your country’s customs duty.

I noticed that premium shipping methods attract a high customs duty fee compared to low and cheap shipping methods.

In my country, one of the worst to do in terms of shopping online and internationally is to use DHL or FedEx to ship your item.

You will have to pay a whole lot of money as a custom fee.

And this applies to Aliexpress’s premium shipping method, as they use premium courier services to ship and deliver their items.

As long as you’re using the premium shipping method to ship your item, it won’t be sent to your local post office for the final delivery but rather will be sent to the likes of DHL, FedEx, UPS, and others.

As for the charges, it depends on your country and how the custom fee works.

In my own case, if I purchase an item of $500 from Aliexpress, I will likely pay $70 to $120 for a custom duty fee, irrespective of the fact that the item might be lightweight.

But when using Aliexpress standard shipping to ship my item, there’s no custom duty fee attached to my item.

Because of this, I don’t use Aliexpress premium shipping unless the product is very much valuable and precious to me.

Aliexpress Premium Shipping Cost

Asking aliexpress premium shipping doesn’t have a fixed cost of shipping items as it varies from the product, the seller, and the recipient destination country.

From my observation, the higher the product fee rate for premium shipping, is higher.

For example, below are pics showing charges for the premium shipping method.

aliexpress premium shipping

aliexpress premium shipping cost

As you can see, the two pictures above have different prices for the premium shipping method, and this shows you that Aliexpress premium shipping has no fixed cost.

How Long Does Aliexpress Premium Shipping Take

Aliexpress premium usually takes 5 to 15 days to have the item delivered to the recipient’s destination.

However, in some cases, it might take longer but remember that the recipient’s location and customs also play an important role in getting the item delivered to the recipient very fast.

An item may get to the recipient country quickly and on time but will get delayed by customs and customs clearance.

You may think Aliexpress is causing the delay, but the answer is no. Rather it is your country’s customs officers causing the delay.

How To Get Aliexpress Premium Shipping

To get Aliexpress premium shipping, you need to look at the shipping options and see if it is available for the product.

However, you can’t get the premium shipping method if it is not available in your location or if the seller doesn’t offer the Aliexpress premium shipping option.

You can only get it if the seller offers such an option for their products.

Once you see a product on AliExpress that you love so much, open it and check the delivery options.

Remember to tap on More Options to see all the shipping options for the product.

Is Aliexpress Premium Shipping Reliable?

The answer is yes. Aliexpress premium shipping is very reliable as it is usually delivered by the likes of DHL, FedEx, UPS, Speedaf, etc.

The premium shipping method offered by Aliexpress are not delivered by the local post office but rather by a premium delivery service or couriers.

Once you are using Aliexpress premium shipping, you will definitely receive your item in good condition.

Based on my experience using Aliexpress premium shipping to ship my valuable products, I’m saying this.

How To Track Aliexpress Premium Shipping

To track the premium shipping offered by Aliexpress, simply use the Aliexpress app and navigate to the orders section, and from there, you can track your item.

The Aliexpress app gives you the best method of tracking your aliexpress premium shipping.

In conclusion, Aliexpress Premium Shipping is a great option for customers who want a faster, more reliable, and more convenient shipping experience. The service offers faster delivery times, more comprehensive tracking information, and more secure and reliable delivery. The service also provides delivery on weekends and holidays and a free return service. The service is more environmentally friendly but also comes with a higher cost.

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