Where does aliexpress get their products from

Here’s the question of today, where does aliexpress get their products from. I saw this question on redit with lots of people trying to know exactly where all the things sold on aliexpress come from.

As we’ll know that aliexpress is a Chinese online store, most of their products are from China. Remember I said most and not all their products cause there are many sellers from different countries that’s sells their products on aliexpress.

I have been buying from aliexpress since the 2016, and I have bought lots of products from Aliexpress. From my experience with aliexpress I came with this website to share my views, reviews, guide and tips on shopping from aliexpress.

Now is the question for today, where does aliexpress get their products from?

Where does aliexpress get their products from

Mostly, aliexpress get their products from the manufacturers in China. All these aliexpress stores or sellers are retailers who buy from the producer or manufacturer and sells to the buyers on aliexpress.

This is just similar to Amazon though in Amazon you see quite a number of manufacturers selling their products on Amazon. However, on aliexpress, it is mostly or almost retailers selling their products.

Going back to the question of where does aliexpress get their products from, they get or buy their products directly from the manufacturers as they are retail sellers. This doesn’t mean that manufacturers don’t sell on aliexpress, they do but they are few in number.

So far only in perfumes, make up and clothing that I have seen some number of manufacturers selling their products on aliexpress, and their prices are relatively cheaper compared to the resellers.

Other meaning

The question of where does aliexpress get their products from CA also mean the countries which the seller are getting the products they do sell on aliexpress.

If this is your firsr time on aliexpress, I want you to know that aliexpress isn’t just about China or the Chinese products. I’ve seen lots of Turkish sellers on aliexpress, sellers from France and Russia, sellers from the UK, US, Spain and Singapore.

All these sellers buy their products from the manufacturers in their countries, and sells their products on aliexpress from their country.

For example, I’ve bought some office wears including shoes on aliexpress and I saw this product will be shipped from Turkey. This already tells me that the seller is from Turkey and the products are coming from Turkey.

I’ve bought some makeups and creams from aliexpress and the product was shipped from the United States, same goes with buying products that were shipped from UK and Spain.

What I’m trying to say is that not all products sold on aliexpress are from China, many are from countries other than China and you will see on the product shipping information.

Does AliExpress sell fake stuff?

Aliexpress does not sell fake stuff but you may see lots of replica and lots of Chinese branded products. But this doesn’t mean that products are low quality and poor, they are indeed good.

There are lots of high quality products on aliexpress, same with low quality that’s why you need to read the seller’s ratings, people’s reviews about the product and also the ratings.

If a seller on aliexpress states that he or she is selling an original Nike sneakers and it turns out to be fake, the seller will refund the buyer times three of the amount paid for the sneakers, and the sellers store will be closed.

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This makes it quite difficult for sellers to sell fake products in disguise of an original product. Mostly what you will see is a replica and the seller won’t write the brand name as the product name on the product replica.

Asking does AliExpress sell fake stuff is the same with asking where does aliexpress get their products from cause people usually think that products sold on aliexpress are fake and not real. That’s not true, aliexpress products I’ve bought since 2016, I’m still using them till date.

On buying from aliexpress you need to be careful cause there are many scanners or mischievous sellers on aliexpress, if you’re not wise enough, they will steal from you.

Can you buy 1 item from AliExpress?

where does aliexpress get their products from

Of course you can buy one item from AliExpress, and buying of multiple items is only applicable to alibaba cause it is for wholesale buyers. On aliexpress, you can buy a single item even if it is $0.50 and have it shipped to your location for free.

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Aliexpress sellers are retailers which sells their products to the consumer in singles, while alibaba are mostly manufacturers and some retailers who sells their products in wholesale to the retailers or buyers.

So please don’t mistake aliexpress as alibaba though they are the same but alibaba is mostly for wholesalers.

What products does AliExpress have?

There are millions of products on aliexpress, ranging from electronics, to mobile phones and accessories, apparel accessories, apparel for men and women, automobile and motorcycle, beauty and health products, computer and office products, home and garden products, home appliances, jewelries and accessories, etc.

You need to check out the products on aliexpress and explore to feed your eyes. You won’t hesitate to buy one item from aliexpress especially seeing their relatively cheap prices.

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Aliexpress is just like Amazon and eBay or other online stores, so there are lots of products right there for you, ranging from high quality products to low quality ones. Remember we’re still on the topic of today, which is where does aliexpress get their products from.

Why do packages from AliExpress take so long?

Honestly, this depends on one’s location, if you’re living in the United States or America in general, aliexpress shipping will take a lot of time because of the distance.

I got to notice that aliexpress buyers from Europe, Africa and other Asian countries tends to receive their aliexpress order very fast compared to those living in America especially the southern America.

Another reason why aliexpress shipping takes time is the shipping method used and the customs that might delay the delivery as well. If you use the likes of DHL, FedEx or EMS, you will receive your aliexpress package very fast compared to using aliexpress standard shipping or other cheap shipping services.

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This is where I wrap it up on this question of where does aliexpress get their products from, all you need to do is to open the aliexpress website and check to see if you will aliexpress sellers from other countries other than China.

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