Aliexpress Combined Delivery: Everything Explained

Aliexpress Combined Delivery

Shopping on Aliexpress and you came across this term, Aliexpress combined delivery, what comes into your head is what the term actually means.

This will be our main focus in today’s question of the day.


What actually does Aliexpress combine shipping on your tracking information?

First, it is not something that you should be worried about, though at times, it may be a disadvantage to your other items or packages.

Now let’s proceed with the meaning.

What Does Aliexpress Combined Delivery Mean?

Aliexpress combined delivery simply means multiple purchased items that bear the same delivery address, name and phone number will be combined together to provide convenient shipping and delivery. 

Aliexpress Combined Delivery

This usually makes it very convenient for the delivery personnel to have your order delivered to you.

If you ordered more than one or two items from Aliexpress, there’s a high tendency that your items will be combined together to create a convenient means of shipping and delivering your item.

If a group of items has been combined together, Aliexpress will notify you about the changes, and they will have a single tracking number.

For example, you ordered more than two items from Aliexpress, and they were assigned different tracking numbers.

After the items have been shipped, processed and reach the stage of being dispatched to the consolidation warehouse, you receive a message from Aliexpress about the changes made to your orders.

Now if you open your Aliexpress account and check the orders you made, you will see that the items have been combined.

Not only that they have been combined together, but they will also be assigned a single tracking number.

Kindly note that the tracking number won’t be a new tracking number but rather one of your item’s tracking numbers.

Usually, it is the biggest item in your order that will contain the rest of the items and bears the tracking number for all the items that were combined together.

Kindly note that Aliexpress combined shipping will occur if you order multiple items from different stores.

Once the items reach the consolidation warehouse and the sorting center finds out that multiple items have the same delivery address, phone number and name, they will combine the items together.

Aliexpress combined delivery is quite good in the sense that you will receive all your items at once, which makes it very convenient for both the delivery personnel and the recipient as well.

However, it has a disadvantage.

Before going into the disadvantage, let me explain the benefits.

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Benefits Of Aliexpress Combined Delivery

Below are the benefits derived from Aliexpress’s combine shipping and delivery;

  • It is very convenient for the delivery personnel and the recipient.
  • Creates room for fast shipping and delivery of the items.
  • Sorting the items won’t be difficult.
  • The items will be delivered at once and not several times on different occasions.

Aside from the advantages derived from aliexpress combine shipping, it has a disadvantage as well and which annoys me.

Disadvantages Of Aliexpress Combine Shipping

  • Items with different shipping methods will be put together.
  • In terms of lost packages, all the items will get lost together.

Now let me explain the number one reason why I don’t necessarily like Aliexpress combine shipping.

Items With Different Shipping Methods Will Be Put Together

aliexpress combine shipping

In this type of situation, whereby you made multiple orders on Aliexpress and used different shipping methods based on how valuable the items are, you may be pissed off with the combined delivery.

That is if Aliexpress combined your high-end valuable product with other items.

Let’s say you used Aliexpress premium to ship your highly valuable Aliexpress item and use the likes of Aliexpress selection standard or Cainiao super economy to ship your other items.

Now, instead of the combined items to get shipped with aliexpress premium, they will be shipped with Cainiao super economy or aliexpress selection standard.

For example,

Example 1.

I ordered an Anker Bluetooth headset, an iPhone screen protector, and two casings.

I used Aliexpress standard shipping for the Bluetooth headset, while I used Cainiao Super economy for the iPhone screen protector and the casing.

The items were shipped, and at one point, they were combined together.

However, to my greatest annoyance, instead of Aliexpress shipping all the combined items with the Aliexpress standard shipping, they were shipped with Cainiao super economy, including the Anker Bluetooth headset.

That is to say that Aliexpress put the Anker Bluetooth headset and the iPhone screen protector into the iPhone casing order.

This now made the three items have the iPhone casing tracking number as their tracking number.

That simply means that my item will be shipped with Cainiao super economy and not aliexpress standard shipping.

I was mad.

But there’s nothing I can do about it as it has left the consolidation warehouse already and is soon to be leaving the country of origin.

Example 2

I ordered a pair of shoes, a jersey, a wristwatch and a hand glove.

All the items were shipped with Aliexpress standard shipping except for the hand glove, which was shipped with Aliexpress selection standard.

Once it gets to the consolidation warehouse, the items are combined together.

But to my greatest annoyance, Aliexpress had my valuable items packed into the hand glove item, and this made all the items to have the Aliexpress selection standard tracking number.

The items were shipped using the Aliexpress selection standard shipping method.

It took more than a month to receive the items.

Normally, in my country it usually take a week or two weeks to receive items shipped with aliexpress standard shipping as they are not delivered by the local post office.

However, it will take more than a month or up to three months to receive Aliexpress selection standard item, Cainiao super economy, Yanwen economic air mail, Singapore post, e-EMS, etc.

And that is why I don’t use these shipping methods, irrespective of the fact that they are relatively cheap or offer free shipping.

Talking about Aliexpress combine shipping; I haven’t seen where Aliexpress combined a product shipped with DHL, FedEx, or UPS with other items shipped with a different shipping method.

For example, I have bought high-end valuable products, which I used DHL to ship the items, and same time bought some cheap products and used the likes of Aliexpress standard shipping or Cainiao super economy to ship them.

Several times I have done this, there’s no time they combined my item shipped with Cainiao super economy, Yanwen economic air mail, Singapore post, etc., with the items I used DHL to ship.

So this is one major disadvantage of Aliexpress combined shipping, as it is quite annoying, especially if you use different shipping methods to ship your item.

In Terms Of Lost Packages, All The Items Will Get Lost Together

This will likely happen in this type of situation though since I have been buying from Aliexpress, there’s no time my items were lost in transit.

How Long Does AliExpress Combined Shipping Take?

It takes the exact number of 15 days to three months to get delivered to the recipient’s destination.

Kindly note that the shipping method used in shipping the combined items determines how long the shipping method will take.

For example, if the shipping method used is the likes of Aliexpress standard shipping, then it will take better than a week to a month to have your combined package get delivered to you.

For aliexpress premium, it will take 10 to 15 days for the package to get delivered.

So the final shipping method used to ship the combined aliexpress packages will determine how fast or slow it will get delivered to the recipient.

Can You Combine Shipping On AliExpress?

It is only left for aliexpress to combine items bought by the same buyer and not the seller or the merchant.

If you bought multiple items from the same seller on aliexpress, you can make a request asking the seller to combine your items into one package.

But if you bought items from different sellers on Aliexpress, you cannot combine the items or request for your items to be combined except if Aliexpress decides on its own to combine your items.

Aliexpress Combined Delivery Missing Item

If Aliexpress combined delivery is missing an item, open a dispute for the missing item.

And with this, I come to the conclusion of today’s question of the day aliexpress combined delivery explained.

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